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We look forward to welcoming from you!
The Columbia Trail, just past the next house, is known for its whimsical
collection of gnome homes, so we have lots of
Gnomes!  Gnomes are
male Faeries who work within the earth, with the rocks and crystals, the
waters, gases and fluids.  The
Faeries concentrate on the flowers!
I like to invite all these
Earth Angels to participate in my garden and
my life, so I bring as many wonderful ones as possible here to
Inside/Out for you to choose from.  Most are natural cement color.  

Invite a little
faerie magic into your life!
This Standing Faerie is the sister to
Sitting Faerie.  Made by the same
have none in stock now, but more are
available by
SPECIAL ORDER.  30" high.
This is our favorite Sitting Faerie!
wings, just like her sister who
stands up tall. At 21" tall, she hold
a shallow basin which can be used
for seasonal displays, birdseed,
crystals, or more.

We have one in stock now, more
are available by
(That's a birdbath behind him, not
Viking horns.)  He's the only one we
have and he is ready to ride to your
house.  He's also ready to paint if you

$125 Gnome on a Harley

$95 on sale
Amy's Flower Faeries   
We stock them in all colors,
as shelf sitters or on pics
for your potted plants
(where they really like to

$5 to $15 price range

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