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The yard art there was very inspiring, as were the gardens, all grown in soil
Uncle Paul's rose garden with gazing globes and
Wind Spinners.  It was a
So now I sell all those things, letting you capture some of the delight of a
fanciful garden for yourself.  I also sell lot of holders for pots,
Plant Stands,
and small pieces of furniture for the garden or porch.  I am still working on
Mosaic Gazing Globes and hope they will be ready by spring when all
the fun stuff comes out once again.

I've always wanted to rehab houses, stage them, and then turn them over,
but I never had a chance.  So now I happily do it to
Birdhouses!  My
hand-painted Birdhouses have been very popular and I have even more
Spring 2015.
I have worked on these gardens for
almost 20 years and bushes that came
with the house.   It is probably over 100
years old.

The beauty of it, next to the purple barn
star, was just very comforting today, so I
thought I would share it with you.

Please call if you see something you
would like.

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