Inside/Out is the brainchild of me, Christina Lynn Whited,
founder of the
Circle of Intention School of Intuitive
Sciences, CoCo:Chenille,
and the One Spirit Festival.  
A combination of mystical, whimsical, green, and handmade
items, as well as a selection of my favorite vintage finds fill the
shelves in this gem of a shop.

I wanted to take the wonderful energy of the
One Spirit
and extend it to a year-long celebration.  Everything
in the shop should bring a smile to the face of those who enter,
from the crystals, to the fairies and gnomes, to the whimsical
1940’s puppy salt and pepper shakers, to all the very special
handmade items, every element here is meant to bring joy.

In addition to a variety of crystals and handmade fairies, there
is a broad selection of items related to angels and celestial
motifs, as well as inter-dimensional photos.  I have even made
angels for the yard from recycled wood.  I grew up watching my
father transform ramshackle houses into magical homes
through the artistry of his woodworking.  My design abilities just
seem to naturally flow in that direction as well.

I am best known in design circles for my work recycling vintage
chenille bedspreads into wearables and new items for the
CoCo:Chenille was among the first wave of companies
that embraced recycling in the 1990’s.  

Although publications like
Country Living and The New York
tended to focus on the nostalgic aspects of my work,
my heart has always been connected to the use of existing
resources.  I wanted to use what was already here.  Having
a big company make a new product for me to incorporate into
what I was creating was not the point for me.  I find the
challenge of working within existing limitations to be very

In metaphysical circles, I am best known for my work as a
channel, healer, and teacher.  My work first came to national
attention in the pages of
People.  My school of intuitive
The Circle of Intention, has offered a varied series
of classes since 2008. In the same year I established the
Spirit Festival
, a metaphysical, holistic, and handmade fair
held twice yearly in Clinton, New Jersey.

Inside/Out refers to the spiritual aspect of life - living from the
heart, as well as the range of merchandise offered in this
unique shop – décor for the home and for the yard.  

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One Spirit Festival.

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Thursday to Sunday, 11 to 6 p.m.
A precisely edited collection of eclectic treasures,
vintage, handmade, and current.
Gifts with Charm & Spirit!
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