The Columbia Trail, just past the next house, is known for its whimsical
collection of gnome homes, so we have lots of
Gnomes!  Gnomes are
male Faeries who work within the earth, with the rocks and crystals, the
waters, gases and fluids.  The
Faeries concentrate on the flowers!
I like to invite all these
Earth Angels to participate in my garden and
my life, so I bring as many wonderful ones as possible here to
Inside/Out for you to choose from.  In addition to all the ones who like
to live in the house we also have the more hardy garden variety of
gnomes and faeries, most in natural cement color.  

Invite a little
faerie magic into your life!
Faeries & Gnomes
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Thursday to Sunday, 11 to 6 p.m.
A precisely edited collection of eclectic treasures,
vintage, handmade, and current.
Gifts with Charm & Spirit!
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