I think a touch of whimsy makes everything in life better, more joyful.  For that
reason I stock the shop with everything I can that brings delight.

You will notice a wealth of tea kettles in the yard, teapots on the shelves, and all
sorts of tea paraphernalia. To my mind, teapots say "welcome!" so I have lots of

I also feel very strongly about the power of words to make a difference in our
lives, so I have lots of affirmations all over the shop and garden, on rocks, in
signs and in hand embroidered pieces.

And I wonder what these crazy ladies of the 1930s were thinking when they
designed underwear as potholders!  And what were women 30 years later
thinking when they were still crocheting them! "Wait before you touch that pot -
it's hot.  Here, use the panties."  Could that have been it? "No, no, I'll use the
dress." Huh? I guess if it's a source of amusement now that's okay. At the very
least, they are a conversation starter!

I have lots of eclectic china in plates, cups & saucers, dessert plates and
serving platters.  I have a limited amount of glassware, clear from the 1960s and
colored from later eras.  It's fun to walk down Memory Lane in the china

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vintage, handmade, and current.
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